Hydrogen/solar car – STEM Project

When students reach PreU-1, they have to do a Research work that will be presented at the beginning of PreU-2. As a part of a robotics project, PreU-1 student Jerico Agdan is designing a robot that not only produces hydrogen that could be use as a source of energy but also releases oxygen to the environment. The idea is that the robot could be self-sufficient. By daytime the battery will charge while generating the electrolysis releasing the hydrogen (it will be stored) and the oxygen.

The Fuel Cell is where the electrolysis takes place. Taking the electricity from the solar panel, an electrochemical  process begins and the two hydrogen atoms and the one oxygen atom present in the water are separated and then released through the scape tubes.

Jerico is still working on the way to store the hydrogen so it can be used as alternative source of fuel.






RoboCAT18 at St Peter´s School

Last Saturday the Barcelona qualifying round of the RoboCAT18 took place at our school. Twenty teams from Barcelona joined us in this epic competition.

After a lot of programming, construction and hard work our team, the RoboSparks, earned their place at the finals. It will be hosted on May 5th at l’escola Els Estanys de Platja d’Aro.

Thanks to the Robocat organization for celebrating this event in our School and congratulations to all the participants for this demonstration of creativity, perseverance and team work.


My First Robot in Foundation 5

In Foundation 5 the pupils are taking the first step in STEM with BEE BOT and BLUE BOT.  These small bee-shaped robot follow instructions by commands (forward, backward, rotate, wait …).

By pressing the buttons, the pupils create a sequence so the robots can make different tasks like reach the wall from a point A, get inside the house (box) and once inside the house sleep for a while and then come out.

This is the starting point for their work in STEM and the preparation for a world full of technology.

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First Lego League 2018

  This year our motivated students from class 6 and 9 went to the International Competition First Lego League, which is an annual competition where teams are challenged to achieve three main aspects: Robot Game, Scientific Project and Poster Values.

Our RoboSparks showed many skills in front of the judges, such as problem solving, confidence speaking, organization and lateral thinking, even more Team cohesion and passion to develop anything they propose.

The persistence of the RoboSparks is their great skill that make them a powerful and enthusiastic team, promoting the Spark they’ve inside them as a infinite energy supply!

Joan Mauri
Robotics teacher, St Peter´s School

YoMo Barcelona 2018

Every year the city of Barcelona hosts the World Mobile Congress which joins together people from all around the world with something to share; technology.

Today our Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo) and participate in some of the workshops and activities organised for schools. As part of the MWC, YoMo holds the motto “driving the digital transformation of society to help improve people’s lives globally”.

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In an increasingly mobile world, YoMo provides a unique opportunity to inspire young people into the STEM careers.

In St Peter´s as a part of the STEM programme we had the opportunity to visit the Youth Mobile Festival (YoMo). With interactive workshops, games and practical activities the event was not only very educational  but also very fun.

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Into the Classroom Y6 – Cow eye dissection

In order to react, communicate, and keep the body healthy and safe, the nervous system must receive and process information about the world outside. The five senses are responsable for translating the outside world into a language that the brain can understand for processing and reacting.

This information comes through the sensory organs: the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin. The eye is one of the most complex and its in charge of translating the light into image signals.

We went Into the Classroom of Year 6 students and watched how they performed a dissection of a cow eye were they manage to explore the different parts of it, observing first hand the common eye features humans share with cows and relating the experiment the study of interactions between the nervous system and the eye.


Y8 students find inspiration in Joana Biarnés exhibition

Joana Biarnés is considered the first female photojournalist in Spain and last week our year 8 students couldn’t miss the opportunity to go to Palau Robert to see her exhibition “A Contracorrent”. The exhibition holds around 90 pictures taken by Joana during her career at El Pueblo newspaper during the post war.

At expo the students analysed some of Joana´s pictures and then in a field practise tried  to emulate her compositions and the techniques that she used.  It was a very fun day and an awesome exhibition!