Our Drone Experience

Last Thursday and Friday, the students in Year 9 (3rd of ESO) could enjoy a real Drone Experience. They spent two days at Barcelona Drone Center, near Moià, building, programing and piloting real drones at BCN Drone Center. They learned about remote sensing principles, collected and analysed data and finally managed to make decisions based on their understanding of the situation. They also could practise with and advanced simulator. Not bad for a first experience!!


Building our own and unique Fairgrounds

We have been really busy in Year 6 from the beginning of the year exploring the science and engineering behind fairgrounds.

When we first presented the topic, the children asked themselves why fairgrounds are built. That made them realise that behind fairground rides there are a lot of forces and energy transformations taking place. As a result, they could see that fairgrounds are complex systems and you need to understand the science and technology that it entails.

During various investigations with lego robotics, marble ramps and loop de loops, students tried to answer the following questions:

  • Which forces come to play?
  • In terms of energy, which forms allow the rides to work?
  • Once they identified the types of energy, what transformations took place?

It was a pleasure to see them all investigating, building, and collaborating while they were having fun. A fairground topic wouldn’t be complete without the popular loop de loop and of course, Mr. Mauri. He was invited into Year 6 to deepen students’ knowledge about gears.


As the students started gaining understanding and confidence in their skill set, they planned and started designing their own fairground rides and labelling the forces and types of energy they have learned previously.  They drew 3 fairground designs improving one after the other as they developed their STEM skills.

Beside the STEM related material, the students have really progressed when collaborating and communicating with their peers. But above all, they discovered their willingness to learn.

Becoming an app creator

The students that have chosen app creation in year 8  are starting to learn about Swift. This is an Apple developed programming language that is used to create  Apps. Some of the first challenges are learning commands and sequences and thinking like a detective while debugging a program.

Creating a real app is not an easy task and it can be quite challenging because involves problem solving and requieres an analytical mindset in order to solve some of the codes, but our students had been successful so far!



Photolab club 2017

Students in Year 8 had to choose between three different options in Technology: robotics, app creation or photography. It’s a big decision and it is supposed to reflect  their preferences and which path they would like to take in subsequent years.

Our Photolab Club tries to join both technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. This first term we’re focusing on mobile photography, composition, edition and filing as we start exploring our DSRL cameras.

Finally, a group of 19 students in Year 8 (2nd of ESO) chose Photography as their technology option. To start with, we need to learn how to look at the world from a totally new perspective, in order to make their photographs unique.

But let’s go one step at a time. Over the past few weeks, they have been trying different frames and angles, and finally we practised #FlatLayPhotography. Good work, guys! It’s a pleasure to see you all learning your own way and developing your own style.

Soon we will be seeing them publishing on our @photolab_club instagram account and in our tumblr blog Photolab Club.

It’s just the beginning and I’m already proud of them!


Game Jam 17

El proyecto Game Jam no ha podido empezar mejor, se trata una competición basada en la creación de un videojuego en tan solo dos días, el tema principal de esta competición son las SmartCities, es decir, como hacer ciudades que sean más respetuosas con el medio ambiente.

En este video, Citilab nos muestra un pequeño “tastet” de la actividad.


Nuestros estudiantes se han divertido mucho, trabajando en equipo, programando en Scratch y resolviendo problemas muy complejos de forma interdisciplinaria.

El primer grupo son “RoboSparks” y van a desarrollar un videojuego basado en el ahorro del consumo de agua. Este grupo ha demostrado un gran entusiasmo y una capacidad increíble de trabajo en equipo.


Aquí nos cuentan su experiencia:

El segundo grupo se llama “Low Mana”, su idea es mejorar el ahorro de energía eléctrica, estos chicos destacan en sus conocimientos avanzados de programación y talento natural para hablar en público.


Ellos lo han vivido así:

El tercer grupo se llama “Mack” y su idea es mejorar la movilidad de los vehículos en las ciudades inteligentes, estos chicos y chicas han demostrado perseverancia y un gran talento en el diseño gráfico y musical


Aquí podemos ver cómo los miembros de Mack explican su proyecto:

Después de un día apasionante, solo queda ver los frutos del esfuerzo mañana al finalizar la Game Jam! No podemos esperar más!

GameJamBarcelona2017: press start!

After the training day hold at Citilab last week, the 50 students who are participating in the GamJamBarcelona2017 are ready to press start.

On Thursday and Friday, a group of 50 secondary students from 10 different schools around Catalunya will be participating in a 48h Game Jam. This is the 1st #GameJamBarcelona and it has been organised by St. Peter’s, ENTI-UB, and the Citilab in Cornellà.

Within a short span of time, the participants in this #GameJamBarcelona will plan, design, and create one or more games. Not only will the students plan, code and design a videogame, but also they will do it with a specific objective: to develop a game that helps smart citiziens to save energy and act responsibly with the environment.

Stay tuned. We’ll keep you informed.